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Breaking NHL news: Legendary broadcaster dies

Breaking NHL news: Legendary NHL broadcaster Dave Strader died Sunday from cholangiocarcinoma (a form of bile duct cancer). Strader was 62 years old.

The following video tribute was released Sunday by the Dallas Stars:

Strader was honored with the 2017 Foster Hewitt Memorial Award by the Hockey Hall of Fame for his contributions as a hockey broadcaster.

From 1985 through 1996, Strader was the television voice of the Detroit Red Wings, while also calling national games for FOX and ESPN. Strader also spent time with the Florida Panthers and Arizona Coyotes before joining NBC in 2011.

In 2015-16, Strader joined the Dallas Stars, but in 2016-17, Strader was limited to five games because of cancer.

Strader returned to the booth February 18, 2017 as the Stars defeated the Tampa Bay Lightning 4-3.

NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman issued the following statement regarding the death of Dave Strader:

“Dave Strader’s calls combined expertise, passion for our sport, the ultimate in professionalism and a calm command of the story of the moment. Dave didn’t just describe the action for a viewer, he brought you to the rink to sit next to him. As we mourn Dave’s passing, the National Hockey League honors his courage, his warmth, his contribution to hockey broadcasting and his adoring devotion to his family. We send comfort and condolences to his wife, Colleen, their children and grandchildren and all whose hockey experience was improved by the sound of Dave’s voice.”